Robyn Larsen

Hi! I'm Robyn.

Nuclear engineer turned front end developer.


Over the past several years I’ve been busy earning a degree, building awesome websites, snowboarding the world’s most majestic mountains, globe trotting (23 countries) & cultivating movements, and mentoring students. I have worked on many projects with organizations big and small — all with the relentless desire to solve real problems that challenge & inspire but also pays the bills. As a front end web developer I marry my love for technology, people, and business. In doing this I continually push towards putting my own dent in the universe.

Here's what I’m currently perfecting.

Front End Dev - CSS3, Sass, SVG & HTML5
Backend - JS, PHP, Rails & jQuery
CMS - WordPress
Adobe Suite


Developers are amazing!

Building simple, easy to use websites that are intuitive and enhance the way you work.

Who doesn't love story time!

I love stories. Focusing on the people my work will affect, as much, if not, more than the subject of the work itself.

Designing is for Awesome People!

UX is an integral part in my development process. Prototyping is vital for ensuring the smoothest user-friendly experience imaginable.

Now accepting work requests for interesting projects, brands, organizations, or ideas.


"Process allows ordinary people to become and achieve the extraordinary"


"Life is also about play!"
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I have celebrated every birthday out of the country since 2008!
Enjoy snowboarding off cliffs in Revelstoke
Secretly looking for a stylist to design my wardrobe and tell me what to wear.
Tend to picture people naked when I speak/MC at conferences -
BlendConf,, FullStack TO, Yeoman TO, Web Unleashed, CAMP,
NXNE Interactive, FITC, SCREENS & Students2Startups.
Looking for speakers? Get in touch.