Robyn Larsen

International UX Marketing & Front End Development



Our experience with Robyn was exemplary. The digital world was not one I was previously comfortable with and Robyn made it easy. She delivered on time and on budget and introduced me to a world I didn't know was possible based on past experiences having web sites designed. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Robbie Kane
Owner, Medina Cafe
Robyn is extremely talented and I can tell she is passionate about her work. She was so easy to talk to, collaborate with and truly cares about making sure you are happy with the finished product. Robyn pushed us to try different things with our site which in the end looks amazing and made it more functional than before. Working with Robyn was a learning experience in website design and she knows what consumers are looking for. Her organized and time-proficient work ethic turned this daunting idea of launching a new company brand and website into a reality.
Mikka & Rob Gasper
Owners, SalonBlunt
I come up with a lot of ambitious ideas everyday. Working with Robyn is great because she's made just about everyone one of them a reality. There is nothing like working with a developer that likes to challenge the norm.
Jonathan Crozier
Owner, OddFellow & Radio Personality
Robyn is always asking 'how can we make the needle move the most' to create value within my business. She brought my business online. I saw huge growth happen and she guided me every step along the way. Her knowledge about online platforms, power of social media, and deep understanding with technology saw the business grow from 0 to 250K per year in annual revenue. My business wouldn't be where it is without her guidance.
Julie Hemsky
Owner, JugarNSpice Jewelery


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Former nuclear engineer now blurring the lines between work and play as a front end developer. I enjoy what I do and you can often find me on Friday at 10pm in codemode with a craft brew in hand. When I'm not in front of my mac, I enjoy snowboarding the world's most majestic mountains, globe trotting (34 countries & counting), surfing, mountain biking, hiking, or flying between Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Singapore, China, Japan, Revelstoke and Alberta to work alongside my team. Ask me about lifestyle design and my daily siesta.